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“A story that you simply mustn’t miss” - Jeffrey Allen Davis on Chion

March 4, 2008

Independent Christian fiction writer Jeffrey Allen Davis has just posted a review of Chion on his blog. Jeff’s review is a bit different from the others, as he made a couple of unique observations:
The book does set up some disturbing images. It shows how a major disaster like this would affect society. We see people [...]

Chion one year old today

January 22, 2008

Today marks exactly one year from the arrival of the first print-run of Chion. I’ve sold/distributed 373 copies since then. I’m pleased with that result, especially since I concentrated on online sales rather than bookshop sales. Bookshops are an administrative nightmare to deal with when you’re an indie, as I found with Ulterior. I made [...]

School readers raise £356 for orphanage

January 21, 2008

A special thank-you to each Clounagh Junior High School pupil who purchased a copy of Chion since the book’s release last year. The books were sold to the pupils on a charity basis, with £2 per copy donated to Katya Vanchev Orphanage in Bulgaria. Last Wednesday I was delighted to be able to present a [...]

POD People rates Chion 9/10

December 16, 2007

Chion has just received its sixth review, this time by novelist Emily Veinglory at POD People. She rated the novel 9 out of 10 and said:
I read a lot of mediocre books, but this wasn’t one of them. Seamless, engaging and appealing … Chion is effortless to read and the story unfolds strong until an [...]

Chion wins International Print-on-Demand Book Award

December 7, 2007

My novel Chion gained a stunning review in April 2007 on a site specialising in self-published novels: The PODler. Today, The PODler announced Chion as its book of the year - the International Print-on-Demand Book Award - out of 29 titles reviewed in 2007. There were plenty of A-rated titles that could have won, not [...]

The value of free ebooks - Part II

November 6, 2007

I made the decision to release Chion as a freely downloadable ebook on 13 September. In the 54 days between then and now, the novel has been downloaded 262 times. If you think that means 262 lost sales, think again. Only 28 of these downloads occured through my website. The other 234 happened over at [...]

The value of free ebooks (here’s Chion, gratis!)

September 13, 2007

I’m coming around to the way of thinking that giving something away free is a good thing.
Against this attitude is the notion that every free gift is a lost sale. More than that, given the ability of computers to copy and share data with the greatest of ease, every free gift could mean countless lost [...]

“Best book I’ve read this year” - Will Hadcroft on Chion

September 10, 2007

Fellow author Will Hadcroft (Anne Droyd and Century Lodge and The Feeling’s Unmutual) has posted a review of Chion on his blog. Here’s an excerpt:
What starts out as a science-fiction thriller, becomes, by turns, a tale about a group of increasingly paranoid and frightened people stuck in an enclosed place, an adventure about fugitives on [...]

Chion raises money for orphanage

June 15, 2007

I’ve recently been enjoying promoting Chion among the children at Clounagh Junior High. There are around thirty classes in the school. What I do is individually hijack each class’s library period and spend half an hour talking about the book. Five years ago, when I did this with my first novel, Ulterior, I quickly learned [...]

Chion is Book of the Month at The PODler

May 23, 2007

I had a look around the various POD book review blogs recently and was delighted to discover that Chion has been selected as April’s Book of the Month at The PODler. There was stiff competition that month, with two other book rated “A” and “A+”.
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Chion highly rated at Critical Mick

May 9, 2007

My novel Chion has acquired yet another great review, this time at book review site Critical Mick.
In a welcome relief from the vast majority of sci-fi, Darryl Sloan has built his novel on a truly original notion … It’s gripping stuff, never dipping into the typical end-of-the-world clichés … Ranking right up there with Lucifer’s [...]

PODlings rates Chion HOT!

April 18, 2007

Press is coming in thick and fast at the moment. Hot on the heels of the last glowing review comes another; this time it’s at PODlings:
Chion has to be one of the most unique thrillers I’ve ever read. I mean, how many thrillers will there be that rehash, dinosaurs, sharks, killer viruses, aliens or rampaging [...]

Chion rated A+ at The PODler

April 12, 2007

I’ve just submitted Chion to several review blogs dedicated exclusively to print-on-demand books. The first review is in, from The PODler, and what a review! Here are a few excerpts:
Chion starts with a brief, one page, exchange that gives us a hint of some unimaginable disaster having struck the world. In cinematic fashion, we enter [...]

Further adventures in the Chion-verse?

March 8, 2007

Chion has received numerous comments of praise, which you can read for yourself on the Chion page. One negative aspect that a few people have commented on it that it’s too short. The novel is just over 40,000 words long, which translates to 145 book pages. My friend Chris Winter pointed out that this attitude [...]

Chion feedback and 100 sales so far

March 1, 2007

Chion has received its first proper review, on the None May Say book reviews site. I like this review; it’s mostly positive without being afraid to mention a few warts. In addition, I’ve received a lot of feedback from readers, the majority of which I’ve now placed on the Chion page.
A fifth bookshop, Eason in [...]