“A story that you simply mustn’t miss” - Jeffrey Allen Davis on Chion

March 4, 2008

Independent Christian fiction writer Jeffrey Allen Davis has just posted a review of Chion on his blog. Jeff’s review is a bit different from the others, as he made a couple of unique observations:

The book does set up some disturbing images. It shows how a major disaster like this would affect society. We see people killing one another over food. We see a man murdered in front of his small children. We see a child held at gunpoint by a teacher who has decided that “survival of the fittest” means that the teachers should live and the students should starve. Sloan didn’t put these things in for shock value. Indeed, the bloodshed is not detailed very much at all. This is not a boiled-down thriller. We see a sense of realism that shows that even our society’s innocents would be harmed in these events.

With a bittersweet ending, this is a story that you simply mustn’t miss.

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POD People rates Chion 9/10

December 16, 2007

Chion has just received its sixth review, this time by novelist Emily Veinglory at POD People. She rated the novel 9 out of 10 and said:

I read a lot of mediocre books, but this wasn’t one of them. Seamless, engaging and appealing … Chion is effortless to read and the story unfolds strong until an ending that is perhaps too pat in some ways but still manages something of a clever twist.

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“Best book I’ve read this year” - Will Hadcroft on Chion

September 10, 2007

Fellow author Will Hadcroft (Anne Droyd and Century Lodge and The Feeling’s Unmutual) has posted a review of Chion on his blog. Here’s an excerpt:

What starts out as a science-fiction thriller, becomes, by turns, a tale about a group of increasingly paranoid and frightened people stuck in an enclosed place, an adventure about fugitives on the run, and a love story.

Shades of John Wyndham (The Day of the Triffids) and John Christopher (the Tripods saga) come through as Chion mimics the best of the old post-apocalyptic greats, while at the same time remaining poignant and contemporary.

Darryl Sloan is a keen observer of human nature. His plotting is meticulous and clever. He deserves to have national and international success with this. It is the best book I’ve read this year.

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Chion is Book of the Month at The PODler

May 23, 2007

I had a look around the various POD book review blogs recently and was delighted to discover that Chion has been selected as April’s Book of the Month at The PODler. There was stiff competition that month, with two other book rated “A” and “A+”.

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Chion highly rated at Critical Mick

May 9, 2007

My novel Chion has acquired yet another great review, this time at book review site Critical Mick.

In a welcome relief from the vast majority of sci-fi, Darryl Sloan has built his novel on a truly original notion … It’s gripping stuff, never dipping into the typical end-of-the-world clichés … Ranking right up there with Lucifer’s Hammer [by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle].

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Big interview on The Writing Show

April 23, 2007

I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one with you. Mick Halpin of The Writing Show podcast recently travelled up from Dublin to Portadown to interview me. We had a wonderful, relaxed discussion, where I talked about childhood horrors, my fascination with end-of-the-world fiction, my maverick self-publishing strategies, my filmmaking endeavours, and numerous other topics. The download is a hefty 27 Mb MP3 file, translating to 49 mins of audio. Mick has also put online a full transcript of the interview, featuring numerous photos and links to all the various things we talked about (also featuring a bonus “unruly review” of Zombie Genocide).

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PODlings rates Chion HOT!

April 18, 2007

Press is coming in thick and fast at the moment. Hot on the heels of the last glowing review comes another; this time it’s at PODlings:

Chion has to be one of the most unique thrillers I’ve ever read. I mean, how many thrillers will there be that rehash, dinosaurs, sharks, killer viruses, aliens or rampaging beasts? Well, never fear, because Mr. Sloan has made a monster out of pristine white snow, of all things, and this story will grab you and hold you just as fast as the fluffy flakes themselves! … On every level, it delivers right up to the end.

PODlings also kindly invited me for interview.

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Interview on The PODler

April 17, 2007

The PODler, a book review blog that recently rated my novel Chion A+, got in touch to do an interview with me. It’s online now.

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Interview on Taste, NewsTalk FM

April 16, 2007

On Saturday evening I took part in a panel discussion on Irish radio programme Taste, broadcast on NewsTalk 106-108 FM. The channel is difficult to pick up here in the North, but the wonders of internet streaming technology meant that I could record it online. I’ve cut a large section out of the middle of the discussion, because it comprises the two in-studio guys talking at length on ebooks. Most importantly, I got to plug my book and provide a few insights into my self-publishing experience.

(The big interview on The Writing Show is due to go online on 23 April.)

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Chion rated A+ at The PODler

April 12, 2007

I’ve just submitted Chion to several review blogs dedicated exclusively to print-on-demand books. The first review is in, from The PODler, and what a review! Here are a few excerpts:

Chion starts with a brief, one page, exchange that gives us a hint of some unimaginable disaster having struck the world. In cinematic fashion, we enter the action of chapter one as Jamie Metcalfe and other kids of Clounagh Junior High School hear screams coming from outside, where a few of their mates have been stuck to the ground by what appears to be ordinary snow. When Alex Vennard touches a flake, however, he learns that whatever this stuff is, it is definitely not snow. In fact, it is something that grips his hand and won’t let go. In desperate attempt, inspired by mounting panic, his teacher pours hot water on it, hoping to melt it, but the stuff will not. In a fit of panic, Alex frees himself by tearing off a bit of his skin. How can you NOT keep on reading?

I found myself really wanting to know the answers to the questions that have been posed by the story. I think the reason for this lies in the high concept: adhesive snow - this is the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters … But there is more to this novel than just a high concept. Inside the school, trapped by the weird snow, a genuine, beautifully evoked, human drama unfolds … Unlike much of Christian fiction, there is no heavy proselytizing here, no dogma being pushed on the reader. Instead the focus is on the timeless themes of love, sacrifice, and faith that any human being appreciates and believes in..

I think this is a book that exemplifies the very best of POD.

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Dark Light reviewed at Taliesin Meets the Vampires

June 18, 2006

Dark Light, the vampire movie we made in 2000, has just received a very lengthy and fairly positive review at Taliesin Meets the Vampires, a vampire-related blog.

Interview on Queens Radio

April 7, 2006

Eddie Mullan, a DJ with Queens University Radio, interviewed me by telephone on Wednesday evening, asking me about my fiction, film and music-making past-times. The interview lasts 13 minutes, and you can download it here in MP3 format.

Zombie Genocide on Wikipedia

March 29, 2006

Wikipedia is one of the coolest resources in the web for information. It’s a constantly growing encyclopedia written by the general public. A short article on Zombie Genocide has suddenly appeared, also featuring the cover art from the film. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: despite being our oldest and tackiest film, Zombie Genocide continues to be our most appreciated. This is evidenced by the fact that you won’t find a Wikipedia article on any of our others films.

I sometimes find it interesting to type “Zombie Genocide” into Google and see what comes up. Here’s a list of some of the more interesting findings from a recent search:

Article on Midnight Pictures in Film Ireland magazine

November 11, 2005

This month’s Film Ireland magazine has a two-page article on Midnight Pictures. Thanks to the writer, James Gracey, who was a production assistant on Don’t Look in the Attic. Great article, James. Other unexpected publicity came from the RTE television show The Blizzard of Odd, who featured the film on this week’s program. I missed it, but Andy has it taped, so I’ll have to see if I can get it onto the forthcoming DVD. I am constantly amazed by how much press coverage Midnight Pictures has received in 2005 - and most of it just fell in our lap, rather than us chasing it. I’ll have to get everything typed up and into the press section of the site soon.

Zombie Genocide on IMDb

September 10, 2005

A friend recently searched for my name on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), not really exepecting to find anything. Nor did I. But it seems our little zombie movie has somehow made its way onto the database, here. Made back in 1993, Zombie Genocide was our first serious film and continues to be our most popular. Go figure. I plan to put it online using BitTorrent soon.